Equinox Fire Table


In the spring, fall or anytime in-between, the Brown Jordan Fires Equinox Fire Table provides a solid, warm welcome in an outdoor lounging area. The offset flame burns brightly with your choice of fuels, and leaves plenty of surface area for glassware, appetizers, etc. The Equinox’s already sculptural monolithic presence can be made even more so with the addition of its modular counterparts–the Solstice Fire Table and Horizon Table.

In 2013, Brown Jordan Fires was established (in collaboration with EcoSmart Fire) to add a little extra heat and contemporary style to outdoor settings. Each of the Brown Jordan Fires fire tables, fire pits and other accessories show off the Brown Jordan design sensibility, as well as the convenience of fueling options. You can choose between EcoSmart Fire’s signature bioethanol technology or hook-ups for liquid propane or natural gas.

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